From personal experience, I can highly attest that the therapeutic ministrations of Tueykay are wondrous in their benefits.  I’ve been fortunate to have experienced many remarkable results over the years that Tueykay has been my Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist, but perhaps most profound, and worthy of description here, was the time that I severely injured my shoulder.

Unloading a very heavy and awkward device from an overhead cabinet for a client, I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my shoulder unlike anything I’d felt before.  Long story short, she identified the injury as a severely sprained or torn rotator cuff.  When I arrived at her office, I could barely raise my arm above my waist.  She applied acupuncture needles to the affected area, and within twenty minutes I was able to raise my arm nearly to my head!  I was stunned by the speed and efficacy of the treatment.  Of course, full healing required many weeks of therapy and the simple time necessary to complete the healing process to the tissues involved, but her immediate therapy restored functional movement to the degree that I was able to be back at work the very next day.  That was remarkable.

Her abilities as a massage therapist also cannot be understated.  She has worked wonders with me over the years, allowing me to continue my work schedule unabated even though I suffer chronic muscle stiffness.  Without her treatments, I shudder to think how I have continued to work at my very demanding job as a custom finish carpenter.

She possesses talents commensurate with the best therapists available today. 

I’m humbled to be a recipient of her remarkable abilities.

- Jeffrey G.


As the author of 17 books on business excellence and a survivor of 25 years of the highest levels of the entertainment industry, I feel well qualified to discuss business excellence and stress reduction.  I am proud to recommend Tueykay, an extraordinary healer of massage and stress reduction.

For the past year I have worked with her, she has been an extraordinary and blissful edition to my life. She has always been professional and enormously encouraging and I recommend her proudly.

Michael Levine
Author & Media Expert


I am Onyx, a pro wrestler and my muscles get sore and its very important for me to get the proper massages to help me heal. The massages I receive from Acupuncture With Heart gets 2 thumbs up. Very professional and soothing to the soul. One of the best massages I ever had.

- Lisa D

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